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The Three Rs at ECSfG: Reading, Revision and Research

3rs 3rs students

at ECSfG Post-16  

Post 16 ells essay writing tips


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Post-16 students: please click on the curriculum icons below for extended reading lists, revision tips and research ideas for your subjects..

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icon btec applied science Icon art glossary Icon art critical studies
Icon art students checklist Biology reading icon Biology transition icon
Icon chemistry reading Icon chemistry additional research Icon chemistry transition
Icon Eng lit overview Icon eng lit ww1 context Icon Eng Lit Birdsong
Icon Eng Lit Poetry Icon eng lit up line death French student booklet
French answer booklet Icon hsocial care reading list Icon btec lev 1 human lifespan

Icon hsc grasp it

Icon hsc know it

Icon hsc think it
Icon american dream reading list Icon history usa support booklet Icon   American Dream Revision
Icon history south africa key topic 1 Icon history south africa key topic 2 Icon history south africa key topic 3
Icon history south africa key topic 4 Icon history south africa enrichment Icon history protest agitationparliamentary reform reading list
Icon history protest agitation and parliamentary reform revision Icon philosophy revision booklet Icon philosophy innatism revision
Icon philosophy jtb revision Icon philosophy perception revision guide Icon philosophy tripartite definition of knowledge
Icon photography student checklist Icon photography glossary Icon photography analysis
Icon politics reading list Icon politics plc Icon politics vocabulary
Icon textiles analysis writing frame Icon textiles artists analysis qs Icon textiles artists resource
Icon textiles angie lewin article Icon textiles claire lane article Icon textiles jessica grady article
Icon textiles michael b w article bigger picture Icon textiles michael b w article field of centres Icon textiles pauline burbidge article

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3rs memory revision p1 3rs memory revision p2
3rs memory revision p3 3rs memory revision p4v2
3rs memory revision p5 3rs memory revision p6

Edited how can i write a strong personal statement

 Pesonal statement checklist              Personal statement example