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Sixth Form Leadership Team

Providing opportunities for students to take on leadership roles is a vital part of their development. Our Sixth Form Leadership team gives students the opportunity to develop their initiative and independence. We actively encourage our students to think creatively and responsibly, which not only develops a growth mindset but also gives our students a higher awareness of their place in society as a whole. The Leadership team provide a vital link between our students and Headteacher and represent student voice, not only in the Upper School, but also by working closely with our Lower School students.

Enfield County Sixth Form Leadership Team

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Meet the Team..

Hgt 7076


Hgt 7140 - Vedia


Subjects: English Literature, Spanish, Sociology

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: Ever since I was in Year 7, I have dreamed of being Head Girl. I believe we can continue to improve our wonderful school.

Something about me: My heritage has given me the opportunity and desire to explore the world and has prompted me to learn languages and embrace different cultures.

Hgt 7124 - Mursal


Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: After six years being a student at ECSfG I felt indebted give something back. I appreciate the privilege of being elected to take part in a key role in our school. My aim is to represent the school to the best of my ability.

Something about me: I speak four languages. I enjoy painting, baking and spending time with friends and family.

Hgt 7126 - Lilibeth


Subjects: Geography, Classics, Spanish

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: I strive to be a good example of our core values. My aim is to help each student in our school promote our values to ensure we can all be respectable young people.

Something about me: I enjoy politics as it enlightens me about relevant current affairs: I love debating! I also love music.

Hgt 7174 - Tharanitha


Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: I wanted to be a represent our student body; to make a positive impact in school by focusing on the needs and interests of our students.

Something about me: My ambition is to work in orthodentistry. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and baking. Over the last few years I have been writing a book - which began as an idea back in Year 8. I enjoy travelling with friends and photography.

Hgt 7253 - Sagal


Subjects: Health and Social Care, Applied Science

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: My aim is to uplift others and help everyone reach their potential.

Something about me: My motto is: feel lucky to be the person you are and the person you will be in the future.

Hgt 7153 - Sajidah


Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Geography

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: My goal is to help support all students at ECSfG so everyone has the same enriching experience I've had here at County. I would like to help guide our younger students to help them make the most of opportunities at our school. I want to help others fulfil their dreams and passions.

Something about me: My pastimes are reading, baking and watching documentaries.

Hgt 7148 - Isabella


Subjects: Finance, Business, Spanish

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: I am passionate about helping all ECSfG students school have a voice. My aim is to ensure students' suggestions are taken into consideration in school.  

Something about me: I love reading. I am extremely passionate and sociable.

Hgt 7180 - Evelyn


Subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Psychology

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: to work as a team to maintain and further develop our school community and learning environment.  I am keen to be a bridge between staff and students. I want to assist our younger students to ensure they access and make the most of the same opportunities I've had. I would like to help create new enrichment opportunities for students and organise fundraising events  and activities for both lower and upper site students.    

Something about me: My dream is to travel the world, delving into new cultures (and discovering new foods!) In my free time I love playing the piano - I've played for ten years now and it is a passion of mine.

Hgt 7158 - Daniella


Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: to give back to my school community that has provided me with so many opportunities. 

Something about me: My ambition is to work in the healthcare industry or Science sector.

Hgt 7211 - Ayesha


Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Why I joined the Student Leadership Team: to encourage students to reach their full potential and help guide younger students through their Enfield County academic journey.

Something about me: my interests include listening to music and exploring new countries, where I collect souveniers. I have a passion for reading; my favourite genres are war literature and astronomy.