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Report Bullying

Our Form Tutors and Progress and Achievement Leaders (PALs) are the gatekeepers to pastoral support at school and have access to a range of strategies that can be put in place regarding bullying.

  • Students can approach any member of staff to discuss bullying
  • Ms Scott, our Designated Safeguarding Lead and Ms O'Brien, our Deputy Safeguarding Lead, are available on site for pastoral student support
  • The school organises activities, competitions and assemblies during our annual anti-bullying week to raise awareness of anti-bullying
  • Our Personal Development programme of lessons and form time activities include pastoral guidance about anti-bullying

It is important to remember that single problems and falling out with friends are not bullying. Bullying is behaviour which is repeated on purpose and is meant to upset someone.

Bullying involves any repeated action on the part of one or more persons that victims find extremely hurtful. It should be noted that the above definition would, therefore, exclude one off events and could in some cases, perhaps, involve the so-called ‘bully’ or ‘bullies’ not realising the significance of their action.

Bullying is not...

  • A one off fall out with friends
  • Comments made by several different individuals at once

How else can you report bullying?

  • Speak to an adult, parent / carer
  • Speak to any member of staff in school
  • Speak to your PAL or Form Tutor
  • Speak to a class teacher
  • Report anonymously online via the website

Report Bullying 

Before completing a bullying report, please take a moment to read our anti-bullying policy here 

Report Bullying - Confidentially

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