Year 12 - w/b Mon 18 May

Year 12 Weekly Home Study

Week beginning Mon 18 May 2020:  Summer Term Week 5

English Literature & English Language

Continuation with A Level Courses (Lit and Lang) Gothic fiction & Chaucer Merchant's Tale

Online Lessons with resources and assignments


All Yr12 Maths Groups Continue to participate in the regular live A-Level online lessons being offered and complete the tasks set

The scheduling of these live lesson will appear on MS Teams, so please keep checking your messages



Biology - Biological molecules revision.  Questions on Cell Biology.  Animal Transport


Chemistry - Group 2.  Group 7 with Oxidation Numbers.

Teaching staff available on Microsoft Teams from 11am-12 on Tuesdays and Fridays (unless otherwise stated by class teacher in Teams) to answer student questions/comments


Personal Projects (last week of prep)

Support on MS Teams


Continue with Hazards - Complete activities on Powerpoints sent and teacher assignment

MS Teams

Health & Social Care

Content complete. 

Unit 1 - Continue to create mindmaps and revision cards 
Complete Unit 1 exams


Unit 5 - Coursework Submitted 14th May - will receive feedback this week 


Unit 6: Continue with Unit 6 work, focus on health and social care careers

List your strengths and weakness which you would like to develop 

Unit 8: Any outstanding coursework to be submitted this week 
Unit 10 -  Coursework - final feedback and improvements if necessary

PPTs, access to teachers via email in school hours, assignment guidance, booklets in files

MS Teams

PAL - Ms Goulding& Ms K Evans


Overview of the Trades Unions

Mr Lloyd & Ms Costa email


Unit test Religious Music of the Baroque Era - Two timed essays and essay planning

Ms McGinley and Ms Harper available during lesson times


Issues with Moral realism



Personal Choice of Project (Last week of prep.)   

Psychology Attachments, Research Methods MS Teams support
Politics Location of Sovereignty in the UK's Political System Mr Lloyd email
Sociology Education, Research Methods MS Teams


Spanish regional identity: la gastronomía: Pre-recorded lesson on La influencia de la geografia y del pasado cultural. Revision /feedback from the pre-recorded lesson to be discussed during  the follow up on Friday 22 May from 2 to 3.​pm
El Laberinto del Fauno: Los temas de la película. (Analysis of the main themes of the film)

MS Teams


Environment Project. Plan personal textiles pieces and make them. Email your essay to Ms Heath




Ms Goulding

Try some at home exercise with PE with Joe Wicks every morning at 9am

Lift your mood with the San Diego Zoo live enclosure cams

Yale tutorials on the Science of Wellbeing

Try some free mindfulness resources

Healthy eating resources for you and your family


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MS Teams - Y12 PAL team


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