Year 10 - w/b Mon 13 July *LIVE LESSONS*

Year 10 Weekly Home Study

Week beginning Mon 13 July 2020:  Summer Term 2 Week 7


*Live Lessons* are now being delivered by all subjects to all Year 10 classes.

Minimum of one hour per week per subject: see your Class Teams for days and times.



Creative Writing planning and task

Powerpoints and resources alongside student copies of anthologies. Link to helpful online videos.


Yr10 Foundation Classes Watch and make notes from the Mathswatch clips below and then complete all tasks set on MS Teams
(10nfl4, 10nfl5, 10cty4 & 10cty5)

Clip 164: Compound Interest and Depreciation (Revision)

Clip 142: Compound Units (Speed and Density) - Revision

  *NB: Every maths set will work at a different pace so your class teacher will be more specific with tasks set
Yr10 Higher Classes Watch and make notes from the Mathswatch clips below and then complete all tasks set on MS Teams
(10nfl1, 10nfl2, 10nfl3, 10cty1, 10cty2 & 10cty3)

Clip 201: The Sine Rule - Revision

Clip 202: The Cosine Rule - Revision

  *NB: Every maths set will work at a different pace so your class teacher will be more specific with tasks set
*Usernames and Passwords for all students have already been uploaded to MS Teams


Science in the Real World Literacy topic for Consolidation and Revision

Teaching staff available on Microsoft Teams from 11am-12 on Tuesdays and Fridays (unless otherwise stated by class teacher in Teams) to answer student questions/comments


‘Fragments’ Project



Support on MS Teams

Computer Science

1.7 System Software End of topic test

Weekly surgery - Wednesdays 10:30-11:30am

DT 3D Design

Sustainability and Environmental Issues - POSTER Competition
Lesson 1 - Research sustainability and give a definition, also explain what fossil fuels are, where we get them from and how we get them?
Lesson 2 -Research the following renewable energy sources and explain how they work with the use of images :- solar power, hydroelectric, wind, biomass and geothermal.
Lesson 3 - Research current sustainability initiatives and give four examples explaining what they are and how they work.
Lesson 4 - Research different sustainable and non sustainable products, explain four of each saying ;what they are?; why they meet the criteria? present your finding with images

See ppt guidance in Teams for Design & Tech: Understanding types of drawings



MS Teams


​On joue en Francais (LIVE lesson): French grammar and listening games, including Guess Who, Total Wipeout, and more! **PRIZES TO WIN**

MS Teams


Live lesson on Physical Landscapes in the UK - Lesson 4. Check class team. 

Teacher will be available at time of lesson

Health & Social Care

Component 3: Barriers to Accessing Healthcare and Willingness to Seek Help


Live lessons Weds 11.30-12.30pm Ms Robinson (Exam Paper)

Live lessons Thurs 2.30-30-3.30pm Ms Maltby 

PPTs, access to teachers via email in school hours, assignment guidance, booklets in files

Surgery Time Monday 1.30pm to 2.30pm


The FWW and sources

Teacher, MS Teams & emails


Key Words for Rhythms of the World; Live lesson Monday P4; Continue working on coursework and performance

Ms McGinley and Ms Harper available during lesson times

M.I.V Rise above: Online stress and FOMO PPT and booklet in MS Teams area


Year 7 – 10 Virtual Sports Day – assignment set – interform sports tasks – the more members taking part from your form the more points your form will score. 

Year 10 GCSE

Tuesday – quiz

Wednesday – Live lesson 10.30am – Feedback and Mental Rehearsal

PE with Joe Wicks – 9am –

Have a look at the Free Mindfulness Project page – help keep your mind healthy throughout this lockdown -

MS Teams

Religious Studies

Summary of marriage and family

MS Teams


Revision for Family, Social Inequality, Key Thinkers.

MS Teams


Free Time Activities: See post from your teacher in your classroom on MSTeams

MS Teams


Complete Pop Art/Ordinary Objects pages in your sketchbook. Complete Task 1 & Task 2 of Paper Project. Start Task 3 of Paper Project. 

MS Teams



Ms Neocleous

Theme is "Preparation for Y11"


Tips for a healthy routine:

Natural History Museum live:

Yoga for teens

Watch performances of stage shows

Kew gardens activities.  Answers are also supplied:

Virtual tours of London museums and galleries

Understanding the news for 14-17 year olds:  

Try some free mindfulness resources:

Healthy eating resources for you and your family:

Try some at home exercise with PE with Joe Wicks every morning at 9am:

Use BBC Bitesize to continue with your subjects if you get ahead:

MS Teams - Y10 PAL team



New Online lessons being launched by BBC on Mon 20 April 2020



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