Year 9 - w/b Mon 13 July

Year 9 Weekly Home Study

Week beginning Mon 13 July 2020:  Summer Term 2 Week 7


'Intro to Charles Dickens in preparation for study of 'Great Expectations' in September

Powerpoints, resources and assignments with teacher feedback, link to audio version of novel.


Yr9 Foundation Classes Watch and make notes from the Mathswatch clips below and then Complete any lessons you have not done and submit your work through MsTeams. 
(9nfl4, 9nfl5, 9cty4 & 9cty5)v

Clip 138: Inequalities on a Number Line (Revision)

Clip 139: Solving Linear Inequalities (Revision)

  *NB: Every maths set will work at a different pace so your class teacher will be more specific with tasks set
Yr9 Higher Classes Watch and make notes from the Mathswatch clips below and then complete all tasks set on MS Teams
(9nfl1, 9nfl2, 9nfl3, 9cty1, 9cty2 & 9cty3)

Clip 150b:  Pythagoras’ Theorem – Revision

Clip 168: Trigonometry (SOH, CAH, TOA) - Revision

  *NB: Every maths set will work at a different pace so your class teacher will be more specific with tasks set
*Usernames and Passwords for all students have already been uploaded to MS Teams


GCSE C5.1 Atomic Structure and Periodic Table

Teaching staff available on Microsoft Teams from 11am-12 on Tuesdays and Fridays (unless otherwise stated by class teacher in Teams) to answer student questions/comments


Banksy - Environmental Art

PPT on MS Teams


Summer Project - Dragon's Den Resources

Weekly KS3 surgery - Thursdays 10:30-11:30

DT 3D Design

Architecture                                                        Learning Objectives 
1. To learn more about the world in which you live. 
2. To start to link DT Resistant Materials to careers such as Architecture. 
3. Developed modelling skills. 
4. Developed design skills
                                                                          Task 1 - To research around buildings          

Find out as much as you can about the building you have produced a model of, i.e. Who Designed it? When was it made? What was the inspiration? How long did it take to make? What is it mostly made from? Where was it made?  What processes did they use? Etc.  Create a research page to document your findings                                                                                                                                                                                            -  To produce different drawings/ sketching techniques of a building / structure (use the you tube link above to help you get started)
-  Students can pick a building / structure from the list, find an alternative or even design their own!
-  To use colour where appropriate, i.e. the Taj Mahal isn’t pink or use a  finelining technique         
Task 2 - Students could make more than one model using different materials. Photograph these if possible/ try and create a power point - add your pictures & sketches to this for uploading to “assignment” in  your  MT TEAMS                                                                                                     -  When making the 3D model they can use any material they can source BUT the best materials to use are probably paper and card/ cardboard. They could use recycled material/ see what weird and wonderful materials  they can find but remember PPE & Stay safe when making
-  Equipment such as scissors, scalpel, cutting mat, glue, tape, paint, paint brushes can be used (Ask students to list what they have used in their making) , images of your building etc. 
- Remind students about presentation of their models eg: Try to assemble your model by hiding any tape. Use flanges & tabs where possible.      

see ppt guidance in Teams for 3D Design & Technology - Week 5 Rendering designs to enhance work & presentation 


Brecht : Social Gestus

MS Teams


Attempt the Enfield County School Meals project on Year 9 Teams.

MS Teams


 â€‹â€‹On joue en Francais (LIVE lesson): French grammar and listening games, including Guess Who, Total Wipeout, and more! **PRIZES TO WIN**

MS Teams


Climate Change Lesson 4 Check individual class assignment 

Teacher will be available at time of lesson


Life of Mandela

Teacher, MS Teams & emails


Video Game Music Unit: Download/Print the Film Music booklet, read through the topic for the week and complete/upload the weekly task. Have a go at singing the song of the week. As a fun and relaxing extension, try out some of the many topics in the listening booklets or music “takeaway” menu in the files section.

Ms McGinley Mondays 11.30-12.30; Ms Harper Fridays 10.20-11.20

PSCHE Mindfulness (Week 2) PPT and booklet in MS Teams area


Year 7 – 10 Virtual Sports Day – assignment set – interform sports tasks – the more members taking part from your form the more points your form will score. 

PE with Joe Wicks – 9am –

MS Teams

Religious Studies

  Prejudice and discrimination

MS Teams


Free Time Activities: using the infinitive form of the verb

MS Teams


Complete any lessons you have not done and submit your work through MSTeams. Post photos of things you have made during lockdown.

MS Teams


Ms Fitzjohn

Term Overview: Careers and Personal Development, alongside ad hoc pastoral-based activities (relaxation/mindfulness/exercise/news articles etc) Week 1: My Achievements and Goal Setting

Website Links:
1. Scroll down for soundbites to various topics
2. Additional resources to support learning
3. Stage shows - free performances
4. Mindfulness resources
5. Videos about animals, plants, travel, science and technology with daily podcasts and activities
6. Stay fit with Joe Wicks
7. Listen to a Radio 4 Biography of Charles Dickens. Episode One
8. Virtual Tour of the Natural History Museum and British Museum

MS Teams - Y9 PAL team

Weekly Hour 'Open Forum' for Y9 students to ask questions to PAL on MS Teams


New Online lessons being launched by BBC on Mon 20 April 2020



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