Year 7 - w/b Mon 13 July

Year 7 Weekly Home Study

Week beginning Mon 13 July 2020:  Summer Term 2 Week 7


'The Last Chapters of 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell

Powerpoints, resources and assignments with teacher feedback


7NFL1 & 7CTY1:  Fun nth term matching activity

7NFL2,3 & 7CTY2,3:  Reflection fun worksheet

7NFL4 & 7CTY4:  Numeracy

*NB: Every maths set will work at a different pace so your class teacher will be more specific with tasks set

PPT, worksheets & online task
*Usernames and Passwords for all students have already been uploaded to MS Teams


Finishing Physics 1.1 Forces.  Consolidation and Revision.

Teaching staff available on Microsoft Teams from 11am-12 on Tuesdays and Fridays (unless otherwise stated by class teacher in Teams) to answer student questions/comments


Project on Portraits

PPT on MS Teams


Summer Project - BBC MicroBit - Global Goals Challenges

Weekly KS3 surgery - Thursdays 10:30-11:30

DT 3D Design

Research hardwoods, softwoods and manufactured boards Learning Objectives:   

1. To learn more about the world in which you live. 
2. To start to link DT Resistant Materials to careers such as Construction, Architecture, joinery 
3. Developed research skills. 
4. Developed design skill                                                  

Students are to create a booklet about Wood (Timber) to can include the following: properties, characteristics, harvesting & preparation, sustainability, uses, protection & finishes, techniques & processes when making with wood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Lesson 1 - Give the definitions of both categories of timbers, list 5 hardwood, 5 softwoods , use images to show their appearance and describe the properties and uses of them.                                                                                                               
Lesson 2 - Research the following manufactured boards informing of how they are made and give examples of uses backed up with images:- chipboard, plywood, MDF
Lesson 3 -  Explain what veneer is  and how veneer is used when creating an affordable product, give examples and images.                                                                
Lesson 4 -  To get larger pieces of timber we have to use a process call 'glue lamination'. Research this process and explain how the process works with explanations and images. Also give examples of where it is used, backed up with images.  

See ppt guidance in Teams for Design & Technology - Week 6 Crating (Cylinders)


Completion of ALICE project.

MS Teams


Attempt the Food hygiene quiz on Year 7 Technology Team

MS Teams


France and French culture: popular destinations/ regions of France 

MS Teams


'Ecosystems' Lessons - Check individual class team for assignment 

Teacher will be available at time of lesson


Historical Quiz of the year

Teacher, MS Teams & emails


KS3 end of term Music Quiz. Have a go at singing the song of the week. As a fun and relaxing extension, try out some of the many topics in the listening booklets or music “takeaway” menu in the files section.

Ms McGinley Mondays 11.30-12.30; Ms Harper Fridays 10.20-11.20

PSCHE Mindful Me Mentor Toolkit: Activities 1, 2, 3 and 4 Powerpoint in PAL area on Teams


Year 7 – 10 Virtual Sports Day – assignment set – interform sports tasks – the more members taking part from your form the more points your form will score. 

PE with Joe Wicks – 9am –

MS Teams

Religious Studies

end of term quiz

MS Teams


Tiempo Libre: Este fin de semana and revision.  Please work through the powerpoint and complete the activities in your exercise book.

MS Teams


Complete any lessons you have not done and submit your work through MSTeams. Finish Computer Aided Design & Repeat Patterns. Make  a friendship bracelet using the You Tube video to help you. Post your photos of your bracelets to your Year 7 MSTeam.

MS Teams


Ms Smith

Try some yoga to support your physical and mental wellbeing

Healthy eating resources and activities

Try some mindfulness colouring- resource on Microsoft teams or try other activities on

Express yourself using the BBC photograph of the week competition

MS Teams - Y7 PAL team


New Online lessons being launched by BBC on Mon 20 April 2020



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