School Uniform

Outdoor Wear
Wearing a green blazer is compulsory. Outdoor coats must be plain school colours i.e.  black, navy or dark green and worn over the blazer. Expensive coats are not suitable for school, e.g. leather etc. Coats should have no logos or coloured trim.

Flat, plain black in a style suitable for school wear.  No heels, platform soles, ballet style pump shoes or open toed sandals as these are not appropriate for the school environment. No trainers or plimsoll style shoes (e.g. Van’s or Converse). Boots and ankle boots are not permitted (this includes ‘kicker’ ankle boots.

School Kilt

Black Watch tartan kilt available from uniform suppliers.  Kilt must be knee length or longer.

The kilt must not be worn with the waist turned over to shorten the length.

School Trousers

Available from uniform suppliers; navy and must carry the school logo


White ‘revere’ collar style blouse with long or short sleeves.  A plain white vest may be worn under the blouse for warmth but must not be visible.   

School blouse with logo (optional).

Blouses should be no longer than the jumper or blazer.

School Jumper or Sweatshirt 

Bottle-green V-neck jumper with badge. This must be worn under the blazer.

‘Hoodies’ (even 'Leavers' hoodies) are not part of the school uniform and are not to be worn under the school blazer.


Plain black –  knee length

Black Ankle socks may be worn during the Summer Term. These should not have any form of logo.

‘Footsies’ or trainer liners are not acceptable.

Plain opaque black.
No badges other than school badge.

Make-up, coloured contact lenses, long finger nails nail varnish, nail extensions, false nails and acrylics are not permitted.


Where hygiene and safety are involved, long hair should be fastened back and if hair bands, slides or head coverings are worn, they should be in a plain school colour. 

No extreme hairstyles are permitted. This includes dyed hair. 


One small pair of studs may be worn by pupils in the earlobe. 

Any other poiercings including upper ear, brow, nose and lip percings are strictly not permitted,  even if covered with a plaster. Nb - Piercings should only be done at the start of the summer holidays to give them time to heal and be taken out for school. 

No other jewellery is allowed.

Physical Education

    Navy PE Bag  (optional)

    Navy/Green Polo Shirt with School Logo

    Navy/Green Shorts with School Logo

    Navy/Green Tracksuit Top with School Logo (optional)

    Navy/Green ‘skorts’ (optional)

    Navy/White Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)

    Navy Leggings (optional)

    Navy/white socks

Umbrellas should be compact and fit into a bag or a locker. Large umbrellas are not allowed to be carried around inside the school building.

School Uniform & Sports Equipment Suppliers:

J Smith & Sons
157 Lancaster Road, Enfield, EN2 0JJ
Tel: 0208 363 2424

Lyons School Shop
242 Hertford Road, Enfield, EN3 5BL
0208 804 3627

Please note:
All personal property must be named. The Education Committee accepts no responsibility for property in school. Parents are advised to take out insurance in order to cover all items brought to school – especially musical instruments and mobile phones. Please see our mobile phone policy.
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