KS4 & KS5 Clubs (Upper School)

Learning Resource Centre (library) is open daily for Years 10 - 13:  

Open before and after school, as well as during lesson times for Post-16 study 

Yr10/11 students can use the library before and after school or during lesson time providing they have a permission note from the member of staff teaching them at that time.


Day Year Activity Staff When Room
Monday 10-11 Orchestra & String Ensemble My 12:20-1:00pm Music
  10 Art Hmk & Extension Tasks Ws 12:20-1:00pm S27
  10 Science GCSE Intervention Nd 12:20-12:45pm Labs
  10-11 Food & Nutrition Club Ba 12:20-1:00pm 013
  11 Spanish Booster Bn 12:20-1:00pm MFL
  10-13 Textiles Studio Time Hh 3:20-4:20pm S25
  10-13 Fitness We 3:20-4:00pm Gym
  11 Maths Revision (Higher) Vo 3:30-4:15pm Hall
  11 Maths Revision (Foundation) Se 3:30-4:15pm S19
Tuesday 10-13 Textiles Studio Time Hm 3:20-4:20pm S25
  11 PE GCSE Revision We 12:20-1:00pm Gym
  11 History GCSE Revision Ld 12:20-1:00pm B34
  12-13 Maths Help Tn 3:20-4:15pm S19
  13 French Revision Club Mi 3:20-4:00pm B32
Wednesday 10-11 Maths Help Se 8:00-8:30am S23
  11 History Ca 12:20-1:00pm B34
  11 Spanish Drop-In Ns 12:20-1:00pm MFL
  11 Art Club Ao 3:20-4:00pm S21
  11 English Revision Mx 3:30-4:15pm Hall
  10-11 D&T Club Ba 3:20-4:00pm EGS
  10-11 Crest Award Ht 3:20-4:00pm Labs
  10-13 Textiles Studio Time Ce 3:20-4:20pm S25
  12-13 Bio & Chem Intervention


3:20-4:30pm Labs
Thursday 10-13 Badminton Es 8:00-8:30am Gym
  10-11 Chamber Choir My 12:20-1:00pm Music
  11 Art Club Cl 12:20-1:00pm S21
  11 Spanish Intervention Ol 12:20-1:00pm MFL
  11 Spanish Drop-In Ns 12:20-1:00pm MFL
  11 Drama Help Ke 3:20-4:20pm Studio
  11 Science GCSE Intervention Hl 3:20-4:00pm Labs
  11 French Drop-In Pt 3:20-4:20pm MFL
  11 RS GCSE Intervention Al/Ms 3:30-4:00pm S20
  12-13 Maths Help Tn 3:20-4:15pm S19
Friday 10-13 Choral Society My 3:20-4:20pm Music
  11 History Drop-In for Hmk Sh 12:20-1:00pm B34
  10-13 Basketball Club Ml 12:20-1:00pm Gym

Careers:  The Careers section in the library is available to all students

Regular After School, Weekend and Residential Activities:

Duke of Edinburgh
Magistrates Court
School Council
World Challenge

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