Year 12 Virtual Parents' Evening - Thursday 14th January 2021

Posted on: 10th Jan 2021

Video Appointments: How to attend appointments over video call

In order to make video calls you will need:

  • A device with a microphone and speaker
  • A compatible web browser:
    • iPhone/iPad: Safari
    • Android: Chrome or Firefox
    • Windows: Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge
    • Mac: Safari, Chrome or Firefox
    • Linux: Chrome or Fire Fox
  • We recommend using a smartphone for video appointments (if you don’t have a smartphone with a front-facing camera, use a laptop/computer with a webcam)
  • Using a headset (or earphones with a microphone) to reduce echo.

How to attend your appointments via video call

  1. Log in and go to the Evening
    1. On the of the video appointment, login to Parents Evening at the usual web address for your school, or click the login link from the bottom of the email confirmation you will have received.
    2. Once logged in you will see a notice that you have upcoming video appointments and under this the details of the event, along with a Join Video Appointments button. This will become available 60 minutes before your first appointment.
  2. The Video Call Screen
    1. When you click Join Video Appointments the video call screen will be displayed where you will be asked if you wish to allow access to your camera/microphone please click yes.
  3. Making a call
    1. When your appointment is due to start, please click the Start Appointment button. You will see yourself in the bottom right corner of the screen (unless you have no camera or have chosen to turn your camera off). If your teacher has not yet joined you will see a notice saying Waiting for teacher…
    2. Once your teacher has joined, you will see them in the main screen and can start your discussion with them. You will also see the remaining time for the appointment counting down in the blue bar at the top of the screen.
    3. If you lose access to the system during the call, log in again and click Start Appointment on the video call screen. As long as the teacher is still there, you can reconnect.

Please note that if you or the teacher are late, or leave then rejoin the call, it does NOT reset the timer. The appointment will always end at the scheduled time.  

  1. Once your appointment for the evening is complete, you will see a message advising you that Video appointments are now finished
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