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22nd Jun 2020

Think You Might Be Bored This Summer?

Message from Ivana Price, Head of Young People and Community Safety:

I would like to make you aware of our Summer University 2020 exciting range of courses and fun activities for your students to get involved in during the summer months in Enfield. Summer University is led by the Council’s Youth Development Service. It has earned itself over the years a strong brand that has been recognised and enjoyed by many young people, providing constructive learning and fun activities whilst also reducing boredom and engagement in risky behaviour, including anti-social behaviour and offending.

Due to the current unprecedented situation of Covid-19, we have adapted our Summer University programme of activities to be delivered in the context of social distancing as well as virtually if required. We have invested into developing an on line platform to facilitate virtual registration process to our Summer University programmes and instant communication about the courses availability and any changes to the activities.

In previous years, Enfield Council delivered the Summer University Brochure to all Schools in Enfield and attended school’s assemblies to promote the opportunities. Sadly, we are unable to do active marketing through outreach to schools this year and therefore rely upon partners and schools to help us to get the information to young people.

I would really appreciate your support to help us publicising the Summer University 2020 and get the attached brochure and the following link to our Youth Enfield platform to as many students and their parents/carers as possible via your existing communication mechanisms.

I thank you in advance for helping to promote the Summer Uni programme and joining our efforts to channel young people’s energy during these times positively to keep young people safe and engaged.

Please click on the image for the full brochure:

Boredom Busters

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