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6th Mar 2020

National Science and Engineering Week (6th-13th March 2020)

We celebrated National Science and Engineering Week here at Enfield County School. Have a read of what some of our pupils from 7L had to say: 

"My experience in science week taught me so many things, I have learnt different jobs that we were able to do whilst constructing our ball launcher. Although it seemed easy, when we got to trying out our ball launcher we had to take notice of how far the ball was launching and where the cup had to be placed, so that the ball would safely land in the cup. However that did not go as planned. When my group found out that the cup no longer had to be an option, we then decided to work on positioning our ruler so that the ball would go as far as possible. In general, I learnt many jobs, measurements and other things which I found very fun. I have learnt a lot about elastic potential energy from using a rubber band, so it would launch faster. I am very glad we were able to have this little experiment/competition. I learnt a lot about elastic potential energy from using a rubber band so it would launch faster"-Penelope 

"My experience was different because in primary school we didn't have science week. Even though our group didn't win, I was happy because I knew that our group put in a lot of effort into the ball launcher! During the week I became more familiar with elastic potential energy since we were using a rubber band. I also learned more about the different types of roles there are in this particular subject. Overall I enjoyed Science week as we all learned about energy and how we could launch the ball further"- Balim


" A good architect should have skills such as drawing, designing, labeling and a good imagination for what she is going to make.

I think the point of the activity was to broaden our minds with the careers that involve science and getting an idea of what its like to do that job for a living.   If I had to choose one of the careers that we chose from on the first Monday of science week I think I would enjoy being an architect the most because I like creating things and designing things for fun. I think that would suit me the best as the job contains doing things that I believe I am good at and enjoy.  Other careers that were there to choose from were health and safety, an engineer manager, artist and a few more. I quite enjoyed the idea of having to apply for the job because you had to write down about why you think you are the best suited for the job and what makes you the best suited.


I also learned how certain things affect the performance of the ball launcher such as the stability of the platform, the tension created by the elastic band, the size and weight of the ball [density] and the length of the arm.  Making the ball launcher was fun because it was nice to do something different in science, plus you learned about things that were important to make the ball launcher work." - Mrittika 

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