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    20th Mar 2020

    Metropolitan Police - Awareness Announcement



    There has been an emerging trend of criminals taking advantage of the increasing concern around the spread of the Corona virus in the UK.

    Reports include people visiting homes posing as police officers and health officials in an effort to scam the occupants or gain entry with a view to burgling the home.

    Tactics used include the criminals offering fake Corona virus testing and fake services to assist those who are unable to leave their homes including the delivery of shopping and other essentials.

    Vulnerable individuals including the elderly have been specifically targeted.

    If you are suspicious of anyone knocking on your door, or have anyone you don’t know or recognise offering the above services, please do not open your door and call Police via 101 (non-emergency), 999 only in an emergency or your local Safer Neighbourhood Team Dedicated Ward Officers on:


    You can also email us at:


    If you have any information on this, or any other types of crime you call also call Crime Stoppers anonymously on:

    0800 555 111


    Stay Safe and well,

    Your Local Dedicated Ward Policing Team.

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