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1st Nov 2018

Year 8 War Poetry Workshop

As part of the International Ambassador’s World War I Memorial, I was privileged enough to work with a group of Year 8 girls, to produce some poetry. Over the course of two weeks, they learnt about the war memorials in Ypres, as well as getting informed about the GCSE History topic - Medicine. They learnt key details about how WWI enabled medicine to progress, with the rise of new medical techniques and medication.

A large part of the workshop focused on writing a poem in unconventional ways. They mastered the technique of writing abstract poetry, which highlights the importance of focusing on objects, feelings and the weather. They began to appreciate that abstract poetry doesn’t necessarily depend on the meaning of the words, it’s poetry which has an aural effect, based on sounds and rhymes.

I also emphasised the importance of experimenting with the structure of poems. The girls produced incredible poems which included drawings, different fonts, capitalisation of words to emphasise meaning and most importantly, used the structure to highlight the content of their poems. Another focal point of the workshop was using artwork for inspiration when writing poetry. This not only portrayed the importance of art when writing poetry but also showed the girls ways in which they can get inspired to write.

Overall, the workshop was a huge success. The girls left with a strong grasp of how World War I influenced the development of medicine, the significance of the war memorials in Ypres, as well as becoming influenced by art when writing poems.

By Rojbin 11T

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