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3rd Oct 2018

Black History Month Walk

On Wednesday 3rd October 2018, the Year 9 prefects and Sixth-form students were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to partake in a Black History Month walking tour in South London. It was based in Clapham Common and our tour guide, S.I Martin, directed us through the history of the Clapham Sect and its involvement in the abolition of the Slave Trade.

A significant factor of this walking tour was the idea of ‘looking up’ and ‘looking around’. As Londoners and in a society where we are increasingly busy, we never have enough time to just stop and take in our surroundings, the environment. Every building, every plaque, each element, from life and in death, graveyards included, illustrate an unknown that is a part of something much more.

It really makes you think. Modern technology provides us with so much, and yet there is still more to be discovered. It is important to recognise the activity, especially recently, with British-African relations and the instances of the Windrush generation. History determines our existence, it is important to recognise that history links into everything, everywhere with everyone.

The girls really appreciated taking part in this experience and understood that despite the development of time, history tends to be forgotten and has a tendency to repeat itself. Many thanks to Ms Costa, for organising such a fulfilling and elevating opportunity.

By Ruth (Year 13)

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