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13th Jul 2018

Silver DofE Expedition

Our Duke of Edinburgh expedition took place across the North Yorkshire Moors over the course of three days and two nights.

On the 14thof July, we stayed in a youth hostel before starting our expedition. Staying there, we were able to bond and spend times with our groups. We were also visited by Mr Mounsey’s dad, who is a volunteer with the Mountain Rescue. He spent time telling us about his work and experiences, and showed us how some of his equipment worked, as well as letting Olivia try out the stretcher!

The morning after that, the real expedition began. Climbing the hills was hard but made worth it when getting to rest at the top and look out at the other hills and valleys. As well as that, when struggling to carry on, it was fun to walk through the farms and see all the different animals we don’t usually see in London, even strangely seeing a peacock.

Waking up in a wet tent on day three after a thunderstorm was very discouraging, yet all of us were extremely motivated by the thought of fish and chips at the finish line that night.

Despite all of the blisters and the pain, Duke of Edinburgh has taught all of us interesting things about ourselves, and we’ve made great new friends and memories for life.

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