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13th Jul 2018

Biology Trip - 'Centre of the Cell'

On Friday 13th July 2018, A-level biologists went to Queen Mary University to participate in the ‘Centre of the Cell’ programme.

The day started off with a quick visit to the London Hospital Museum, where we saw old fashioned hospital equipment and watched a documentary about John Merrick, the 'Elephant Man'. 

Then we were given a presentation in one of the university lecture theatres by an employee of ‘Centre of the Cell’ as well as a student from Queen Mary University, currently studying medicine. We made the most of the opportunity to ask questions about applying for university courses, further education qualifications and life as a student.

The presentation was called ‘Ingenious Genes’ where they talked about what a cell is and all about our DNA. During the presentation, they included activities where we had to participate in a variety of mini games that they set up. We also learned new facts about our DNA, for instance, we found out that we share about 90% of our DNA with a cat! 

The second part of the programme involved going into The Pod that was built like a cell with a large structure in the middle which represented the nucleus of the cell. Firstly, a mini presentation about DNA was given then the ‘nucleus’ started to open up. This is where there was different games to play about cells and illnesses and what scientists do to help with these. The games in the ‘nucleus’ were all interactive. There were other games too where we had to look through a microscope at slides and identify which tissues were healthy or cancerous.
Overall, the experience was fun and helped us further our knowledge of cells and DNA. 

Thank you to Dr. Minieri and Ms Hadjidaniel for organising this trip for us.

By Tea C in 12/5

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