Aims, Ethos and Values

" Our students are given positive encouragement to achieve in a variety of ways - socially, academically, personally and creatively. This enables them to develop self-discipline and the knowledge and skills to be able to make confident and responsible choices both now and in the future. "

"We aim to create a supportive school community, one that has a safe and inclusive learning ethos and prepares all students in terms of qualifications, values and skills to live and work in a global community.”


Our values are very important to us and it is expected that all who work and study at Enfield County School will ‘buy’ into them. It is for this reason that they are widely published and referred to throughout the school year in assemblies and at Information Evenings and Induction Days. They are also part of the pack sent to all job applicants.


We know our self-worth, developing self-respect while respecting others, having respect for our own and everyone else’s learning, as well as respect for the environment


We take personal responsibility for our work, our learning, our duties, indeed for all of our own actions and for following school procedures

Equality of Opportunity

We ensure justice, fairness and equality of access to all school experiences


We work together for the common purpose of the wider community

Generosity of Spirit

We create an atmosphere of kindness, trust and forgiveness within the school community

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