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Moral Issues & Values

KS4 Moral Issues & Values

Moral Issues and Values (MIV) is the KS4 curriculum equivalent of PSHCE. MIV at Enfield County School encourages our students to become active citizens. It helps them to develop their social, spiritual and cultural education. There are elements of our curriculum which are statutory and must be covered, for example careers.

MIV education is about enabling students to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own lives and their communities. We want our young people to leave school with an understanding of the legal and economic functions of adult society, and with the social and moral awareness to thrive in it.

All students in KS4 take part in a weekly designated PSHCE quiz. The aim is for students to be discussing and debating current affairs and world news.

Year 10 Year 11

Students have weekly lessons which begin in the Autumn Term where they will take part in a social action project called First Give. They will have to devise a social action event for a local charity and the winner of the event will get £1000 donated to their chosen charity on their behalf.

Following on from this, through the year students will work on various topics including: social harmony, drug education, religion and digital awareness.

All students in Year 11 have a weekly lesson of MIV.

In year 11, students have the opportunity to do 2 weeks of work experience in a chosen employment setting.

Prior to completing work experience they will all be required to create a CV which will be updated upon their return. They will also be required to complete a work experience report, detailing what their experiences were. These will both go in their portfolio when they graduate.

Students will also cover other topics including: financial capability, female empowerment and study skills.

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