Enrichment Opportunities


Need Careers advice or guidance?

Sign up for a Careers Clinic appointment! Every Tuesday after school in the SRC with Ms Bastienne.

Interested in gaining a Community Language qualification?

Click HERE to sign up for a Community Language exam. Deadline is 1st December 2021.

Skills Booster - Beyond Sixth Form

Beyond Sixth Form is a self-paced online course designed to help students make the best choices for them once sixth form studies are complete! Signing up is completely free – the website will be posted on teams.

Here are some of the examples listed on their website. They are designed to help you make more informed decisions about university entry, apprenticeships and employment.

  • Exploring your Options
  • How to Find Out More
  • Higher Education - How to Make a Strong Application
  • Higher Education - How to Prepare your Personal Statement
  • Higher Education - Specialist Applications
  • Apprenticeships
  • Gap Years
  • Student Finances
  • Results Day

Self -development outside school

Are you interested in developing yourself further?

Sign up for a FutureLearn course! They are free and you will receive a certificate of completion


Support agencies for progression

Medic Work shop – doctors working in the NHS are running a series of workshops in school for those interested in entering the medical profession. Date: TBC

Oxbridge Support: Get personal advice on your applications to Oxbridge and other early applicant institutions. 1-2-1 interviews to support you in getting prepared for your interviews.

Breakfast Service Volunteer - Enfield Resource Centre

As a breakfast server volunteer you will be part of a team providing breakfast and a basic engagement to some of the vulnerable people in Enfield. This vital service offers a chance for people to get a free breakfast, accompanied by a friendly chat to ensure they have a good start to their day.

Organisation: All People All Places

Location: Enfield

Type: Individuals

Date: Ongoing/flexible

Reception Volunteer - Enfield Resource Centre

As a Reception Volunteer you will be part of a team organising the welcome desk and ensuring some of the most vulnerable people in Enfield feel welcome and safe. This vital service offers a chance for people to get essential support and advice. Working in pairs, you will be working on the front line, maintaining a safe space, engaging and welcoming our visitors, and organising the queue and waiting area. We want our visitors feel comfortable in the space and not feel like they have been forgotten. It is important that volunteers feel comfortable talking to people, taking down some information from visitors and sharing it with caseworkers to streamline the process.

Organisation: All People All Places

Location: Enfield

Type: Individuals

Date: Ongoing/flexible


LondonGrownlogo Edit Oct 2018 1

Organisation aims / mission / values

Community space. We are committed to developing a sustainable community project with a kitchen garden at its heart; working with residents and partners to run activities and shape the project.

Education. We are committed to different forms of outdoor learning - facilitating volunteering, nature play and training programmes in gardening.

Natural food production + distribution. We are committed to the social, health and ecological benefits of natural food growing, through which we aim to produce affordable, culturally-diverse foods for sale, and distributed through education programmes and community partners.

Values. We operate according to the following values:. 1. Gardens in the city can bring people together from all walks of life to support community well-being. 2. Diverse leadership of the organisation. 3. Collaboratively working with community partners to share skills, resources and ideas to engage with social issues. 4. People care, self-care and land care. 5. Natural growing practices and using sustainable materials.

How we deliver these aims

We run an inclusive volunteer programme for all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds. Where people come together to grow food, share and learn skills. Meet and make friends which in turn reduces isolation and increases well-being and confidence.We have worked with 3 schools so far this year developing learning through nature play where the pupils planted vegetables, made scarecrows and a bird bath and mini pond. This year our aim is to match the 500 volunteer opportunities that we provided in 2018.

Who benefits from our work

Our Volunteers and school pupils all benefit from having access to an urban woodland space and access to healthy fresh foods which they all had a hand in producing. We also benefit from sharing and developing a safe, fun and productive space for the local community.

Organic Lea


A food growing workers cooperative in Waltham Forest. Get an induction in growing food and volunteer for at least 6 sessions in return

St. Ann’s Food Hub


St. Ann’s Food Hub gives away big boxes of fresh Fruit and Veg to families in need across Haringey. The hub is looking for volunteers to help with packing and sorting veg (10:30 – 14:00) or handing out boxes to those in need (15:00 – 17:00 or 16:45 – 18:30)

You are interested in helping out click here.

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