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Welcome to our Head Girl Team page! This 2020/21 cohort of girls are doing all they can to keep moral high and help support Enfield County the best they can during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read all about them and what they have been up to in lockdown below.

Meet the Team...

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I am Olivia Taylor, the current Head Girl of Enfield County, I study psychology, geography, and biology. Hopefully in the future I would like to take a psychological career path, more specifically I would like to work in offender rehabilitation to help them create a better future for themselves. I am an avid synchronised swimmer currently swimming in two teams and hopefully after covid I will be able to compete nationally at the London Aquatics Centre.


Being Head Girl was always a goal of mine and I have extremely enjoyed my time. I am lucky to have an amazing Head Girl team, we have worked as much as possible over the last year consider we haven’t been at school much. As a team we have been able to run clubs, have a Christmas party to raise money for Save the Children and collect many boxes of food for a foodbank. In our short time I feel we have done the best possible, I’m incredible happy with our charity work as we collected food and resources for the Enfield Foodbank filling at least 4 large crates. The charity work we have been able to achieve has definitely been my highlight of being Head Girl.   

Angelina Lycourgou                                                                             Image2

Hello my name is Angelina and I am Deputy Head Girl for the lower school. I study Government and Politics, History and Psychology. During lockdown I’ve been taking this time to try new baking recipes and focus on my mental health. I’ve been watching meditating/yoga videos on YouTube and have started reading more books that have a particular focus on spirituality and our minds. Personally, lockdown has been a challenge for me to find a good balance between school work and free-time, but I have been trying to follow a schedule to help me with managing my time at home. It’s important to take time to yourself especially during these uncertain times and keep positive by doing the things you love. Try something new by perhaps trying an interesting recipe, starting to write in a journal or start a new hobby.


Samiyah Chowdhury                                                                            Image4

My name is Samiyah and I am your Deputy Head Girl – upper school. I am studying History, Government and Politics and Psychology A Levels and as my role as Deputy Head Girl, I am here to support and help you with issues you have. I’d like to bring lots of positive outcomes by being involved with the Head Girl Team to benefit us all as a school. Being in lockdown during these uncertain times has been quite tough and it’s really important that we keep ourselves busy and positive throughout. To keep myself well organised, I have created a schedule which I like to follow through my day. This allows me to balance my time with work and being at home and also designates time to try out new hobbies and spend quality time with family. It’s important that we all take some time to ourselves and reflect as well as keep up with our work. I hope that you are all healthy and are doing well.


Anamaria Archiudean                                                                        Image0

Hi, my name is Anamaria and I am the student leader for the student voice at Enfield County School for Girls. I take English Literature, Politics and Film Studies. During quarantine, I’ve kept in contact with my friends, began baking and tried by best to keep up to date on my school work and going on Teams to interact with my teachers.


Tara Larkin                                                                                            Image3

Hi, I’m Tara I am the student leader for Learning at home, studying Economics, Politics, and Maths. As well as working on my subjects, I’ve spent lockdown painting and redecorating my room. Being furloughed from my weekend job, I’m also doing a lot of online shopping, and getting dressed up to go nowhere. I am attending lots of online meetings with the Youth Parliament, and leading a Curriculum for Life project with them.


Lucy Feraday                                                                                         Image1

Hello Girls, my name is Lucy and I am part of the Head Girl Team and been given the role of the student leader for PSCHE. I am currently studying Health and Social Care BTEC Level 3, so I have been working on my coursework whilst also going for long walks and baking many cookies (maybe too many). Hope to see everyone soon, stay safe.


Maggie Britten                                                                                      Image5

I’m Maggie and I am the student leader for Mental Health and Wellbeing. For A Level, I study Psychology, Biology, and Music Tech. During lockdown, I have decided to really focus on keeping as busy as I can. And scheduling my day has really helped with that. By designating learning time, free time, and exercise, has helped me to keep control during this uncertain time. Not only has this helped with the quality of work I am submitting, it has also really helped me to process any worries I have. This is really important to help your mental health, designating time to worry, and understanding your worries can help you to relax, and uncover what you can do to help yourselves. I hope you are all well.

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