Kit List


Walking boots (broken in)
Strong trainers might be suitable at bronze level, but they should be leather throughout and have a good strong sole. Your ankles should be covered. If you’re having trouble finding a pair, talk to Mr Mounsey, as he might be able to borrow a pair for you.

Socks × 2 or 3
Two pairs of nice thick walking socks (one as a spare in case first gets wet, and to sleep in).


Clothing layers

Being comfortable in any weather usually means having lots of different layers of clothing to choose from. In outdoors shops, these are split into base layer, mid layer, and waterproof/windproof or ‘shell’ layer. Sometimes the shell isn’t completely waterproof, in which case may be called a softshell.


Base Layer

Your base layers should take sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. Good base layers keep you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.

t-shirts × 2-3 - Synthetic and quick-drying base layers are great (e.g. dri-fit, coolmax, or even merino wool), but normal cotton t-shirts are fine. Bringing a long sleeved base layer is a good idea, and cosy to sleep in.

Leggings - one or two pairs. They are great to walk and/or sleep in and are very light.

Pyjamas - (optional: you can maybe wear dry base layers overnight to save weight?)


Shorts - if the weather is looking good (but bring sun cream)


Mid layer

Hat - yes I know it’s nearly summer, but you need a warm hat. I love a fleecy hat as they are cosy-warm, and work just as well when they’re wet. I often wear mine overnight in my sleeping bag for extra cosy.

Gloves – thin fleecy gloves are perfect. Ski gloves would be too much. Gloves which say they are waterproof usually aren’t. When it rains, your hands will get cold.

Warm tops × 2 - e.g. polyester fleeces. I’d say the perfect balance would be one lightweight microfleece type top, and one thicker warm top such as a chunkier fleece. Think about being warm when you’re not moving, sat outside cooking, potentially at night. If you’re lucky enough to have something down jacket-or-gilet-ish, that’s a perfect warm top. A cotton hoodie will keep you warm in nice weather, but if it gets wet it becomes very heavy and will cool you down.