Home Learning Support for Induction Fortnight Sept 2020

Now that MS Teams provision is underway alongside in-school learning, and work is being uploaded and checked by teachers, we hope that you are making the best use of your home learning opportunities during this Induction Fortnight.

However, if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the work posted on MS Teams for you, and would like to stick to a suggested timetable whilst completing your Home Learning just for these two weeks, have a look at our suggested hours of learning per year group:

Screenshot 2020 09 11 at 09.39.50

Screenshot 2020 09 11 at 09.41.01

Screenshot 2020 09 11 at 09.41.43

Screenshot 2020 09 11 at 09.43.06

Screenshot 2020 09 11 at 09.43.47


Please see below for the times that our subjects are 'online' and available for MS Teams support during the first two weeks of 'Back to School' reopening:

Screenshot 2020 09 07 at 12.43.26

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