Year 10 - Timetable - All lessons

See below for the full year group's timetable, both NFL and CTY.  You may need to look at your timetable in your planner to remind yourself of your Option blocks (full blocks are at the bottom of the page).

For specific details of the times being used for the one hour weekly live lessons, please see your relevant subject Team where your teacher will have posted this information.  

  10NFL 10CTY
Mon 1 Science English
Mon 2 Mathematics Science
Mon 3 Science Science
Mon 4  Option Y or Z Option Y or Z
Mon 5 English  Mathematics
  10NFL 10CTY
Tue 1 English Science
Tue 2 Option X Option X
Tue 3 Science Mathematics
Tue 4  Science Science
Tue 5 Science Science
  10NFL 10CTY
Wed 1 Option Y Option Y
Wed 2 Option X Option X
Wed 3 Option W Option W
Wed 4  English Mathematics
Wed 5 Mathematics English
  10NFL 10CTY
Thurs 1 Option W Option W
Thurs 2 Option Z Option Z
Thurs 3 Mathematics Science
Thurs 4  Science English
Thurs 5 Option Y Option Y
  10NFL 10CTY
Fri 1 Science Mathematics
Fri 2 Option W or X Option W or X
Fri 3 English Science
Fri 4  Option Z Option Z
Fri 5 Mathematics English


Option Blocks:

French Comp Science Art 1 Art
Geography 1 Drama Art 2 DT
Geography 2 Geography DT Geography
History History 1 French History
Health & Social Care History 2 Geography 1 Music
Sociology 1 PE Geography 2 RS
Sociology 2 RS Health & Social Care Sociology
Spanish 1 Spanish 1 Sociology Spanish 1
Spanish 2 Spanish 2 Spanish Spanish 2


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